About Us

BlastingLawsuit.com is a website sponsored by Morgan & Morgan, the nation’s premier consumer protection law firm. Our Insurance Recovery Group has represented Florida policyholders against their own insurance companies for 30 years — one of the many ways we fight the powerful on behalf of the people.

Our team of quarry blasting damage lawyers includes Orlando-based attorney Mark Nation, who literally wrote the book on insurance disputes. Together, we have helped thousands of home and business owners recover hundreds of millions of dollars from their own insurance companies.

Quarries that use explosives to break off rock have been damaging nearby structures for years. People with damaged homes and business sometimes have had to pay for repairs themselves, because quarries deny any liability for the damage, and insurance companies often deny their policyholders’ valid claims.

You Need Someone On Your Side

In his book, Mr. Nation describes his passion for helping policyholders:

“I live and breathe insurance claims, and I truly love what I do. Since the beginning of my legal career, I’ve evaluated and litigated thousands of insurance claims on behalf of policy holders in state and federal courts. Day after day, month after month, and year after year, I’ve met with policyholders, explained their coverages to them in simple terms, and represented them in court in cases against their insurance companies. Whether it is automobile, health, life, homeowners, condo, business owners, or disability claims, I’ve had the honor and privilege of standing with men and women who dared to stand up and fight their insurance companies.

Grinding through all those cases, one sad fact stands out to me. Across the socioeconomic spectrum, people have only a vague notion at best of how insurance works, what insurance they have, what insurance they need, and what to do if an insurance company denies or delays a claim.”

Homeowners and business owners’ insurance policies have many vague and complicated clauses that can make it frustrating for people to determine what is and is not covered under the insurance policy. On top of this, insurance companies hire engineers to render opinions.

Many times, we have been able to show that these engineers have earned many millions of dollars working for the insurance companies. These engineers often write long and complicated engineering reports that say the damage to your property was not caused by blasting to justify their denials. But, many times these reports are actually very helpful to us and in fact demonstrate why the claim should be covered.

We’ll Review Your Claim for Free

There are no out of pocket expenses or costs to you. In most of our cases, if we win, the insurance company must pay all of our attorneys’ fees and costs. If we lose, we will work for free.

So, if your property suffered cracking because of quarry blasting, let our team of professionals review your claim for free. Even if your insurance company has already denied your claim, let us review that denial. Even if your insurance company hired an engineer who said your damage was not caused by blasting, let us review your case.

“No” is not the end of the inquiry, it’s just the beginning. In fact, every case we’ve ever won has one thing in common. They all started with “no.” Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case review.